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Practice Areas

Kelly K. McKinnis, Attorney At Law, handles a wide variety of cases.  Some of the firm's areas of practice are as set forth below.
Kelly K. McKinnis, Attorney At Law, is fully licensed to practice law by the Texas Supreme Court, but is not board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
Foreclosure Abatement (TROs)


The firm represents persons and businesses seeking to stop foreclosures of their homes and properties based upon past-due mortgage payments.  Temporary Restraining Orders are a large part of the firm's arsenal in stopping foreclosures.



Commercial Law

The firm represents persons and businesses involved in business and commercial disputes. SInce 2012, the firm has obtained favorable jury verdicts in cases involving a parking lot and alleged easement dispute (370th District Court) as well as a claim by a worker alleging injury in the workplace (Hidalgo Co. Court At Law No. 6).



The firm represents persons accused of Driving While Intoxicated.  The firm has successfully defennded clients falsely accused of DWI.  Kelly K. McKinnis has won acquittals for drivers who have refused breath tests and who have failed breath tests.  To date, the highest breath test result for which the firm has obtaiined an acquittal at trial is 0.28.  Of course what can be done in each case is dependent upon the facts of the case.


Appellate Law

The firm represents clients on appeals.  The firm has more than two dozen cases reported in the National Reporter System, including Southwest Second Reporter, Southwest Third Reporter. and Federal Third Reporter.  The firm has had the honor of submitting oral argument at the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.  The firm has also successfully obtained writs of mandamus and habeas corpus.  

Criminal Law


The firm represents persons accused in state court of violating Texas criminal laws. Since 2011, the firm has obtained jury verdicts of not guilty in the following types of cases:  Family Violence Felony Assault With Occlusion (430th District Court); Deadly Conduct (Hidalgo Co. Court At Law. No. 2); DWI (Hidalgo Co. Court At Law No. 6);  DWI (Cameron Co. Court At Law No. 1);  DWI (Hidalgo Co. Court At Law No. 5).


Federal Criminal

The firm represents persons accused in federal court of possession, distribution, and conspiracy to possess and distribute illegal narcotics.  The firm has tried federal drug cases to verdict.  Additionally, the firm is very familar with the application of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and has utilized such knowledge to reduce the punishment imposed upon clients at sentencing.​

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